by North Carolina

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released October 24, 2013

Drums on Future Flute by Zack McElgunn
Banjo on Mad Preston by Will Davis
Acoustic Guitar on Fb Messages from Italy by Hunter Conover
Songs by Alex Joseph except track 9
recorded mostly in Charlottesville, VA, although a bit in West Chester, PA & Durham, NC



all rights reserved


North Carolina Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Wasted Energy
Wasted energy, corner street. You ran right into me when I was eating with my friends. Where to run to next? We obsess with nothing when our minds are free. Do you believe I dreamed of all this happening? I dreamed this mess I saw the cabs, saw the dress the sweat, the trash that we forget we left inside under our seats. Did you dream of all the things I see?

Seven months slip past, I don't care, in fact I'm sleeping fine but I've been known to lie about that. Planes fly back and forth. A snowglobe city, working toward the same survival yesterday worked for, and still there's more because when all the stars align, they're running out of time until they move along to where they were before.
Track Name: Future Flute
There's nothin worse than you and me. First felt too good I was fifteen, kicking pebbles down my street. Now I just stare at ones I see.

Bad habit silent stuttering. Found out in front of Dairy Queen, sweet imperfect memory.

We might pretend like we had everything to prove. Still it feels so good, someone else's fun.
Track Name: Mad Preston
Do you just wanna hang with me, around for one more week and then I'll leave, and we'll pretend that we'll keep up and we'll be friends. When it's well known that things change fast, and time won't stop and fun don't last. Though theres times it feels so good, might never feel good again. If it's alright with you I'll try to hide my point of view, because it does me no good going on about doubt and broken minds. There's nothing here to fear but still I'll find something unclear and make it all I ever think about and miss out on your smile.

I will stay forever in this house that no one lives in, and when time goes by outside, it's always the same day here.

Maybe life's a dream and we'll wake up, afraid to see all of the sunrises that we slept through still tangled up in sheets. But breath's a beast to bear it races in between the air around our bodies and fills up our lungs like somethings on our side. Forget the recent past today's a new time to imagine what another town might look like if it means changing your mind. Then I'd appreciate the poetry that you created with the way you walk a bit different than anyone I've seen.

Who would stay forever in a house that no one lives in watching time go by outside?
Track Name: Never Want to Know
There are things I never want to know. There are things I never want to know. Times when I got nowhere else to go. There are things I never want to know.

Mornings have a reason I feel sure. Recent memory's more than just my word. Never speak before you blink, thoughts remind us how to think, but sunlight feels like thoughtless nights at home. There are things I never want to know.

You can't forget the words inside your head. I can't remember why I feel so dead. Trees could be a second life, treason to tomorrow night, outside is a demon not a dome. There are things I never want to know

There are things I never want to know. There are things I never want to know. Times when I got nowhere else to go. There are things I never want to know.
Track Name: Sunshine State
Where are you going to my love? oh where are you going to. you said you would never leave my love but now I'm wanting proof. The day just crawled out of bed my love, the fields just starting to bloom. and I can't dream of nothing but living dreams with you.

i heard your voice in a song my love bring small wet salt to my eyes. I saw your face in the clouds my love before the raindrops blocked out the sky. one day i will find you again my love one day we'll live more than just life. but until then i'm letting the same old days go by.

we'd be lying around, felt like nobody could get us down. there was a madness in your ways. when i think of it now i barely hear the sound, of my heart trying to beat and find its place.
Track Name: Smelly Firepit Lullaby
when i was a boy i knew that i had no time to waste. if i wanted joy, i had to race way up up my hill, i can't help it still.
try not to feel so bad. remember all i've got remember all i've had. and somedays time goes slow. but even slow time's got to pass.

soon i saw the eyes of other people blinking, bright, and wide. i wanted to greet them, but when i tried, everything felt wrong i'd fix it with a song.
and then it's not so bad. remember all we've got, remember all we've had. and some nights time goes slow. but even slow time's got to pass.

cause there might come a sound, seeping out my heart like sun through clouds. it's the only way that I know how, to feel the way i should, i'd die then if i could.
Track Name: Nova Fever Song
Walking home from work. Saw you with him, you were laughin. Halls of shopping malls. Where things happen. And things wrapped in plastic bags. Bought a brand new house. With some bedrooms, partial lake view. It's my shelter now. Still can't guard me from my body nothing can.

I was wrong all caught up, but it felt so new. Half a life in your eyes, so it felt so new. My life's old it's a bore, but it felt so new. Couldn't think couldn't speak cause it felt so new.

Bring you things little things living in my brain. Like a gift I could give try to keep me sane. Try to sum up the sounds of a fevered fool. It is hard it is hard it is hard to do. With the wave of your hand unexpected light, and the same sort of plans that I dream at night. We could break from our cells made of what went bad. But for now carry things wrapped in plastic bags.
Track Name: Fb Messages from Italy
The point of music is to feel good but I never feel good at all

I don't watch TV, I would rather sleep. Been this way a long long time you know. If you see my girl, center of the world, set her straight and she'll leave me alone. For time to find out ways to make it through today. Like people did a long long time ago. Always wondering why could be a waste of time. But wonderings been the only life I know.

We got lost today
Track Name: You are the Generation that Bought More Shoes (Johnny Boy cover)