Should I Make Another Hot Pocket?

by North Carolina

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I recorded these songs in Durham, NC in 2014 and a bit in 2015. Except "Villa Nova," that was recorded in Fairfax, VA. Don't think any are from 2013 although I might have started writing some then. Shariq Iqbal, a solid dude, engineered and mixed "Remember Last Summer"


released February 19, 2015



all rights reserved


North Carolina Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Wall of Food
While my peach rings were digesting you were drinking in a field. Far away from Wednesday headaches signals gone so you stop texting. And I only want to know just what it is about decisions turns an empty night alive, makes some boring words impressive. Turn me into a computer, let my vital signs be data. Graph dramatic growth to mask our endless needs and loss of patience. Make my bad thoughts feel consistent, make our awkward love feel ageless. In the morning we still feel like it's just nighttime on vacation.

So I drive to where I'd walk to wanting nothing more than iced tea. And the car plays that one CD that we made for summer driving. And I can't see where the road ends past the safety glass and plastic. But the gas still smells fantastic when it's filling up the hyundai in the spring.
Track Name: Ballad of Stephen Youngblood
You know you'll never see the steeple. You care about ideas more than people. And you laugh when you're supposed to cry. With all your faith in feeling different there's no time to breathe or listen. You just stare at the light til you go blind.

But you you know I want to
Learn to learn to love everything

We could let our lives be peaceful. There's some fun in never speaking and sleeping in as if there's nothing wrong. Some assholes don't know they're assholes til they're so old shittings a hassle, mixed with some who've known it all along.

But you you know I want to
Learn to learn to love everything
Track Name: Yuan Ho
Sometimes, dream of walking around and thinking about nothing. So tired my eyes won't move. Outside, where the peace is too easy soon as sun sees me, give up on all I need to.

But late at night, mind's decided got a million good ideas. I seek to hide the sleep from how it feels.

Short trip I'll be back in a second unless I get lost in the same world where I was born. Someday at another gas station time zones away I'm reminded of my main store.

Dear 7 day you got everything a kid like me could need. So teach me what to do when it's time to leave
Track Name: Weekday Girl
I could get used to the easiness of spring. I was happy in the middle of the day, and got no job I got no place to stay. But I know somebody who likes it that way cause

All of the work and the worry in the world don't bother me and my weekday girl.

She doesn't sleep much but she is always dreaming. Wake up at sunrise and terrorize the evening. It's not easy to see her clearly. Bright sun cigarette smoke and mirrors on the ceiling still

I've done my part there's nothing left to learn, just takes one afternoon with my weekday girl
Track Name: Biking Around
Dumptruck for sale, dumptruck for sale in the eastern world. You'll never know where it's been. Where have you been? And have you got used to it? Stable for now, always on edge like the rest in line waiting their turn to be dead. And I'm not upset I just haven't got used to it.

But we'll take trust in something made up later today.

Tell me about meaningless things that you like to do. Show me when no one's around. And list all the feelings you don't want to figure out. In an afternoon town floating past stories on front porch chairs. Can't wait to get up and out and sit on a hill that some biker laughs his way down.

And he feels like he doesn't need eyes to stay awake
Track Name: At the Bus Stop
There are so many things that I could say to you I could fill up a long book. I'll never write it, I'm a lazy piece of shit. Maybe things will be different when I'm older.

I'm always getting older but nothing much is different. But at the bus stop I'll say hi to everyone I see and some of them will listen.

Still surprised that I'm not tired of getting lunch at two when we're rained in and cars are crying. It's enough to learn the names of every town let alone the names of people inside them.

But I remember some names. So at the bus stop I'll stay quiet when I feel like and watch another Sunday.
Track Name: Night Air
Julie, instead of staying home where you'll be all alone and left behind. Forget all your little dreams. Turn your back on art and waste with me.
Night air smells so sweet outside. Still you want to hide out in your head. Can you really paint something as pretty as dew behind your ears when dirt's your bed?

Cause there's nothing in this dying that you're always dreaming of
Track Name: Skating Around
Walk southwest for half a mile. Cross the tracks to the wrong side. No one sees me here and it feels nice. Can't hang out too long it's true. Too much busy work to do. Someone sees me I pretend to move.

You can ask of anything what it does and doesn't mean. Do you want to know what isn't clean?

I got a gift card online. Amazon dot com this time. You can buy most anything you like. I do not know what I need. Thought someone else could tell me. Only learn when it gets hard to breathe.

You can ask me anything. I got lots of memories. But do you want to know what isn't clean?
Track Name: Go Back to San Francisco
I don't wanna get out of bed, I just want to close my eyes again, and wake up where you're next to me like four months never passed. Supposed to leave the house at nine, by then I should be moving fine. Drive to tunes about twelve minutes walk another five. And there's time for something to agree with.

But there's not much more time than that, you know the world needs your full attention. Even when the fields are dark the body still needs feeding. And people need each other like the stars need to be counted, like the moon needs poetry, why we sit awake for hours and waste time as if it didn't matter.
Track Name: Remember Last Summer
I hope I can remember last summer and all the nothing that we did. Driving high and sleeping in. Take a chance and waste another.

Guess I'm still around to tell the story and talk of all the troubles we avoided. And what me made important from never making choices.

I saw groups of people gathering on Independence Day. I saw the ocean dance all on its own. I walked the streets of my old school where polish meets decay and the people meet to keep each other lonely.

I could spend all night down in this basement, more than anyone could need. Make up reasons not to sleep. If the sun's out I can't see it.

Remind myself to call out all the bullshit of all my favorite cool kids, who make my favorite music and kiss the girls I want to.

And I'll keep thinking of things that I could sing out loud, and it won't live up to what the songs about.
Track Name: Streetlights Down JPA
For a while the world was still on a driveway in Charlottesville. Getting drunk off of what we steal, what a neighbor's freezer held for me and you. My shoes sweat like selfish sheets from the breath of the silent heat. But at night when the wind is sweet you can walk and not feel your feet, and see streetlights down jpa.

Too many places to pass out, from the bed to the downstairs couch. Too many let downs to say out loud with so many summer stars still out. Distant reasons to leave the house. But every other person's just a piece on a board game that we play because it's free. And when we're done we scatter everything, left under tables where no one ever cleans. And we walk back home down jpa.